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Behavioral model extraction

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Extracting a compact transistor model requires several weeks of work, and potentially up to several months when starting from scratch. However, in some cases, the time needed to extract a compact model may exceed the project timeline or budget needed to complete. Compared to compact models which completely define the characteristics of the transistor, behavioral models define only the “behavior” and static models are valid under the conditions in which they were extracted. By abstracting the complex internal workings into simplified mathematical models, designers can analyze and optimize the overall system performance more efficiently.

Behavioral Models

Behavioral models are useful in several applications: to hide the details of the transistor specifics while concentrating on its performance and response (ideal for public distribution), to improve the speed of simulation (behavioral models will generally simulate faster than a compact model containing the same data), to model a packaged component, or even a complete circuit or system (incompatible with compact modeling). By using this technique, designers can make informed decisions, explore design trade-offs, save resources and reduce overall timelines making it a valuable tool in the design and development of RF systems.

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