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EMC Immunity Testing

Maury Microwave


Maury Microwave has more than 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and supporting turnkey measurements solutions.

Our expertise includes base station and handset, radar, Wi-Fi, and FEM testing. EMC testing is a natural fit.

EMC is now venturing into higher frequencies beyond 6 GHz, integrating modulation testing into its standards. The overlap between typical semiconductor and FEM testing techniques with EMC is getting closer and closer.

The Maury Microwave EMC line uses the experience of the semiconductor industry to offer outstanding wideband ranges and linearity required for modern EMC testing.

EMC Amplifiers Datasheet

Radiated Immunity testing: typical test bench

EMC amplifiers will support the future development of 5G products, automotive and ordinary equipment, or military equipment to be compliant with international standard such as IEC, CISPR, ISO, IEEE, CENELEC, ETSI, FCC, ANSI, RTCA and the MIL-STDs.

Maury Amplifiers will support full CW, Pulsed, AM, PM, FM or complex modulation such as OFDM. All our models are equipped with user-friendly remote control features, integrated couplers and power detection to properly simplify test bench architecture.

EMC Test block diagram

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