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On-wafer production testing

Maury Microwave


On-wafer production testing is an important step in semiconductor manufacturing. Testing the electrical performance and functionality of RF transistors while they are still in wafer form, before they are cut into individual chips and packaged, ensured the quality and reliability of the transistors by identifying defects or deviations from required specifications. This is typically done by mounting the wafer onto a prober with multiple probes making contact with the device on the wafer.

However, depending on the size of the wafer and transistor density, there can be anywhere from hundreds to millions of devices per wafer. Because of this, time efficiency is extremely important leaving only seconds to be spend on each die, in which basic parametric analysis such as IV curves and S-Parameters are performed. Spending additional seconds for matched 50-ohm devices can yield additional RF parameters such as power and efficiency but becomes increasingly more time consuming for non-50-ohm production tests due to slower testing times associated with traditional mechanical impedance tuning methods. Open-loop active load pull methods can improve test times by eliminating mechanical tuners, but can still only achieve a few impedance points per second.

High-Speed Active Load Pull

Maury’s MT1000 and MT2000 mixed-signal active load pull systems are capable of tuning and measuring hundred and thousands of impedance/power states per minute. A breakthrough patent-pending algorithm enables CW and pulsed CW production testing of multiple load impedances states over multiple power levels in only one second per die. An intuitive API allows users to combine the power of the MT1000/MT2000 with FormFactor’s Nucleus and MPI’s Sentio wafer-mapping software to fully automate production testing.

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