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Features and Benefits

  • Liquid nitrogen cooled loads which provide accurately known noise power at a well matched output port
  • Traceable to the fundamental quantity, temperature
    and NIST
  • Provided with a swept data calibration report which includes VSWR and available output noise temperature data
    at standard frequencies

Key Specifications

  • Frequency Range (Coaxial) DC to 18 GHz
  • Frequency Range (Waveguide) 3.3 to 110 GHz
  • ConfigurationCryogenic, thermal and ambient
  • Calibration Uncertainty±0.6 to ±2.6 K
  • VSWR 1.06:1 to 1.15:1


Configuration Guides


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Application Note

Applications of the Maury Noise Calibration Systems; Accuracy & Convenience in Noise Measurement

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Model Number

MT152A 1

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Frequency Range (GHz)

Connector 1