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High-Resolution Power Control for S-Parameters and Gain Compression Power Sweep Measurements

Features and Benefits

  • Measure S-parameters at user-specified power level
  • High-resolution power control for accurate and repeatable vector-corrected 50Ω gain compression power sweep measurements
  • Arbitrary impedance control / active load pull
  • Measure fundamental powers (Pin, Pav, Pload), gain and efficiency at 50Ω and arbitrary impedances
  • Advanced measurement sequencer sweeps impedance, power, frequency and bias
  • Calibrated measurements at DUT reference plane
  • Supports most commercial waveguide extenders up to 1.1 THz

Key Applications

  • Transistor characterization
  • Model extraction and validation
  • Amplifier circuit design
  • Robustness/ mismatch test of circuits and systems
  • Power, frequency and bias sweeps



Configuration Guides

Data Sheet

Vertigo MT920-Series MMW-STUDIO
Configuration Guides

Application Note

Frequency Scalable, Power Control and Active Tuning for Sub-THz Large-Signal Measurements

Conference Paper

Benchmarking a High Electron Mobility Transistor Using an Active Load-Pull System at 120 GHz–170 GHz

Application Note

Millimeter Wave and Sub-THz Power Sweep and Active Load-Pull Measurements

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Model Number

MT920A 1

1 Maury data sheet Download now