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Traditional/Scalar Load Pull

Features and Benefits

  • Single software platform for turnkey component characterization
  • Advanced and customizable visualization and exporting tools for reporting
  • Hardware-in-the-loop compact model extraction and validation
  • Nonlinear behavioral model extraction and validation
  • Supports all modern load pull techniques
  • Advanced scripting and automation
  • Supports the industry’s most common instrumentation

Key Applications

  • Synchronized Pulsed IV/Pulsed S-parameters
  • Compact Transistor Modeling
  • Passive, Active and Hybrid-Active Load pull
  • Large-Signal Nonlinear Time-Domain Analysis
  • Behavioral Model Extraction
  • Stability Analysis of Circuits



Configuration Guides

Data Sheet

IVCAD Advanced Measurement & Modeling Software

Application Note

Overcoming the Challenges of On-Wafer Load Pull Measurements at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies for 5G Applications
Configuration Guides

Application Note

On-Wafer, Large-Signal Transistor Characterization from 70–110 GHz Using an Optimized Load-Pull Technique

Application Notes

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