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Fixture Characterization ATS is the industry leading hardware-in-the-loop Noise Parameters extraction software resulting in faster and more accurate results. Spend more time creating and validating noise models and designing LNAs!

Features and Benefits

  • Turnkey noise parameters extraction solution
  • 10x more accurate and 100x faster than comparable solutions
  • Faster measurement speeds eliminate temperature drift
  • Smoother data with less scatter than traditional methods
  • Interactive Noise Measurement mode
  • Easily integrated into 3rd party automation applications

Key Applications

  • Transistor noise model extraction
  • Transistor noise model validation
  • LNA Design


Configuration Guides

Data Sheet

ATS Automated Tuner Software
Configuration Guides

Application Note

A New Noise Parameter Measurement Method Results in More than 100x Speed Improvement and Enhanced Measurement Accuracy

Application Note

A Survey of GaN HEMT Technologies for Millimeter-Wave Low Noise Applications

Application Notes

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Model Number

MT993J 1

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