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Pulsed IV SMU System

The AM3100 is a standalone SMU system for pulsed load pull and general-purpose test pulsed applications. Great for biasing transistors or circuits in pulsed conditions to avoid self-heating and ensure quasi-isothermal conditions during measurements. Designed to replace DC supplies, multimeters, and oscilloscopes in order to provide the high-resolution measurement capabilities in a compact form factor and cost-effective budget making the system ideal for device characterization labs, VNA-based and traditional load-pull users and general-purpose setups requiring pulsed DC and voltage and current measurements.

Features and Benefits

  • Pulse widths down to 1.1us
  • Cost effective pulsed DC supply and measurement solution
  • Embedded fast measurement samplers
  • Embedded fast short-circuit current breaker, protecting internal probe circuitry (thermal, SOA and DUT breakdown)
  • Remote control through LAN or USB
  • Direct SCPI programmability

Key Specifications

  • Probe ModelsBipolar ±25V/200mA gate pulsar and 120V/30A drain pulsar models
  • Current Rating 0.3 and 30A
  • Pulse1.1us to 10s
  • Pulse timing resolution20ns
  • Voltage and Current Resolution16bit


Configuration Guides


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Configuration Guides

Data Sheet

AM3100 Pulsed SMU System Data Sheet


AM3100 Pulsed SMU Brochure

Application Notes

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Models Table

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Name Description Voltage (V) Current (pulsed, A) Pulse Width (Minimum) Voltage Resolution Current Resolution
AM3103 Controller and Gate Pulse SMU





170nA, 5mA,
7uA, 200mA

AM3121 Drain Pulse SMU