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MMW-STUDIO mmW and Sub-THz Active Load Pull Software

MMW-STUDIO mmW and Sub-THz characterization software suite is designed to work with a 4-port VNA using waveguide extender modules and add accurate and repeatable high-resolution power control for direct measurement of vector corrected power and s-parameter measurements at the DUT reference plane. The load-pull software add-on combined with a Vector Modulation Unit (VMU), enables users to set arbitrary impedances, or perform active load pull measurements, where the magnitude of reflection presented to the DUT is achieved by controlling the ref a2 wave for maximum smith chart coverage. The industry’s first and only mmW and sub-THz software platform designed for large signal gain compression and active load pull measurements up to 1.1 THz!

Features and Benefits

  • Measure S-parameters at user-specified power level
  • High-resolution power control for accurate and repeatable vector-corrected 50Ω gain compression power sweep measurements
  • Arbitrary impedance control / active load pull
  • Measure fundamental powers (Pin, Pav, Pload), gain and efficiency at 50Ω and arbitrary impedances
  • Advanced measurement sequencer sweeps impedance, power, frequency and bias
  • Calibrated measurements at DUT reference plane
  • Supports most commercial waveguide extenders up to 1.1 THz

Key Applications

  • Transistor characterization
  • Model extraction and validation
  • Amplifier circuit design
  • Robustness/ mismatch test of circuits and systems
  • Power, frequency and bias sweeps



Configuration Guides

Data Sheet

Vertigo MT920-Series MMW-STUDIO
Configuration Guides

Application Note

Frequency Scalable, Power Control and Active Tuning for Sub-THz Large-Signal Measurements

Conference Paper

Benchmarking a High Electron Mobility Transistor Using an Active Load-Pull System at 120 GHz–170 GHz

Application Note

Millimeter Wave and Sub-THz Power Sweep and Active Load-Pull Measurements

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Models Table

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Name Description Prerequisite
MT920A High-Resolution Power Control for S-Parameters and Gain Compression Power Sweep Measurements

MT920B Active Load Pull at mmW and Sub-THz Frequencies Add-On


MT920C Standalone Data Display