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Measurement and Modeling Services

Measurement and Modeling Services

Maury’s team of experienced application engineers operate its state-of-the-art characterization laboratories to provide time-sensitive measurement services each and every day. Maury customers have taken advantage of our expertise and resources to meet their objectives on time and on budget. Some of the reasons our customers work with us include: completing short term or infrequent projects, eliminating bottlenecks and accelerating delivery by working in parallel, validating in-house measurements, establishing proof-of- concept and system justification, always using state-of-the-art tools and helping their CFO by reducing capital expenditures and improving the balance sheet.

We are better suited to meet our customers’ needs due to the flexibility associated with measurement and modeling device characterization services.

Now, after decades of working with device designers (PA, LNA), process engineers, device modeling experts in delivering measurement systems and providing system training and measurement expertise, Maury is uniquely positioned to offer device measurement and characterization services to the RF & Microwave industry.

Measurement services offered in the United States and Europe

Services Offered
Measurement Parameters
Measurement Capability
dc-iv DC and Pulsed IV Measurements Fixed and swept voltages and currents for Id, Ig, Vd, Vg and computation of gm

On-wafer and in-fixture DC and pulsed IV characterization up to 1000V and 30A
para_icon CW and Pulsed S-Parameters Two-port S-parameter (S11, S12, S21, S22) characterization at user-defined reference plane On-wafer and in-fixture CW and pulsed-CW S-parameter measurements between 10 MHz and 67 GHz
noise_icon Noise Figure / Parameters Measurements Noise figure: NF50
Noise parameters: NF50, NFmin, Γopt, Rn, noise circles(all noise measurements performed in screen room / Faraday cage)
On-wafer and in-fixture measurements
Noise Figure – 10 MHz to 50 GHz
Noise Parameters – 400 MHz to 67 GHz
basic_lp_icon Power Measurements
– CW and Pulsed-CW Signals
Power parameters including available and delivered input power (Pin), delivered output power (Pout) at individual frequencies, transducer and power gain, power-added and drain efficiency, intermodulation distortion products (IMD, if applicable) On-wafer and in-fixture power measurements between 10 MHz and 67 GHz
CW and pulsed-CW, single-tone and two-tone RF signal
DC and pulsed bias conditions
Fixed and swept impedance at fundamental and harmonic frequencies
adv_lp_icon Power Measurements
– Modulated Signals
In addition to power parameters above, modulated parameters including adjacent channel power/leakage (ACLR/ACPR) and error vector magnitude (EVM) On-wafer and in-fixture power measurements between 400 MHz and 40 GHz using commercial and user-defined modulated signal
t-dom_icon Power Measurements
– Nonlinear VNA (NVNA)
In addition to power parameters above, nonlinear time-domain current and voltage waveforms and RF load lines On-wafer and in-fixture power measurements between 400 MHz and 40 GHz


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Measurement and Modeling Device Characterization Services

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