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IVCAD Pulsed IV, Load Pull and Modeling Software

Increasing time-to-market demand calls for a streamlined and efficient measurement and modeling device characterization tools. IVCAD provides the most complete commercial turnkey solution to cover design flow from component to circuit to system integrating an efficient flow including bench control, measurement, model extraction, model validation, automation, analysis and reporting. IVCAD supports multiple measurement modules and brings a modern visualization capability giving users a greater ability to view, plot and graph measurement data in an intuitive manner. Easy-to-use cohesive platform for device characterization, integrates an efficient flow including bench control, measurements, model extraction, model validation, automation, analysis and reporting.

Features and Benefits

  • Single software platform for turnkey component characterization
  • Advanced and customizable visualization and exporting tools for reporting
  • Hardware-in-the-loop compact model extraction and validation
  • Nonlinear behavioral model extraction and validation
  • Supports all modern load pull techniques
  • Advanced scripting and automation
  • Supports the industry’s most common instrumentation

Key Applications

  • Synchronized Pulsed IV/Pulsed S-parameters
  • Compact Transistor Modeling
  • Passive, Active and Hybrid-Active Load pull
  • Large-Signal Nonlinear Time-Domain Analysis
  • Behavioral Model Extraction
  • Stability Analysis of Circuits



Configuration Guides

Data Sheet

IVCAD Advanced Measurement & Modeling Software

Application Note

Overcoming the Challenges of On-Wafer Load Pull Measurements at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies for 5G Applications
Configuration Guides

Application Note

On-Wafer, Large-Signal Transistor Characterization from 70–110 GHz Using an Optimized Load-Pull Technique

Application Notes

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Models Table

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Name Description Prerequisite
MT930B1 Basic Visualization

MT930B2 Advanced Visualization Add-On


MT930C Vector-Receiver Load Pull

MT930C1 Vector-Receiver Load Pull Waveguide Add-On


MT930C2 Pre-RF Pulsed IV Load Pull Add-On


MT930D1 Traditional/Scalar Load Pull

MT930D2 Harmonic, Spectrum and Vector Analyzer Add-On


MT930E IV Curves for Load Pull

MT930F S-Parameters Add-On

MT930GA Time-Domain LSA Add-On


MT930GB Keysight NVNA Support Add-On


MT930H Active Load Pull


MT930H1 Active Load Pull Waveguide Add-On


MT930J Pulsed IV Curves

MT930K Pulsed S-Parameters Add-On


MT930L Scripting and External Control

MT930M1 Linear Model Extraction

MT930M2A Non-linear Model Extraction, III-V

MT930M2B Non-linear Model Extraction, LDMOS

MT930P Measurement Toolbox

MT930Q Stability Analysis Tool

MT930R1 EPHD Behavioral Model Extraction