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ATS Noise Parameter Software

Noise occurs naturally in any active device or circuit limiting the minimum levels of useful signals causing unwanted interference on weaker signals. Therefore, it is important to design circuits to minimize the effects of noise by quantifying them in the form of noise parameters, comprised of Fmin, Gamma Opt (Mag and Phase), and Rn.
Maury Microwave’s ATS ultra-fast noise method is capable of improving overall calibration and measurement times by a factor of 100X-400X, changing what would have taken hundreds of hours to tens of minutes allowing you to spend more time creating and validating models and designing LNAs!

ATS is the industry leading hardware-in-the-loop Noise Parameters extraction software resulting in faster and more accurate results. Spend more time creating and validating noise models and designing LNAs!

Features and Benefits

  • Turnkey noise parameters extraction solution
  • 10x more accurate and 100x faster than comparable solutions
  • Faster measurement speeds eliminate temperature drift
  • Smoother data with less scatter than traditional methods
  • Interactive Noise Measurement mode
  • Easily integrated into 3rd party automation applications

Key Applications

  • Transistor noise model extraction
  • Transistor noise model validation
  • LNA Design


Configuration Guides

Data Sheet

ATS Automated Tuner Software
Configuration Guides

Application Note

A New Noise Parameter Measurement Method Results in More than 100x Speed Improvement and Enhanced Measurement Accuracy

Application Note

A Survey of GaN HEMT Technologies for Millimeter-Wave Low Noise Applications

Application Notes

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Name Description Prerequisite
MT993B Noise Figure, Noise Parameters, Interactive Noise Measurement Mode, Swept Noise Display, Noise Statistics Display

MT993B01 Swept-Frequency Noise Parameter Add-On


MT993E External Software Control (API)


MT993F System Control


MT993G DC-IV Curves


MT993J Fixture Characterization