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Insight Calibration and Measurement Software

Welcome to Insight, the industry’s first commercial software suite designed to empower VNA users and help them make better decisions. Insight represents a paradigm shift in the way users’ approach VNA calibration, validation, measurement, visualization and analysis. With VNA’s spanning multiple generations each with different interfaces, terminologies and capabilities as well as being used interchangeably in the lab, Insight offers an efficient way to consolidate everything into one simple-to-use platform. From calibrating and validating VNA cals to measurement, uncertainties and data analysis, Insight is an essential tool for any lab looking to improve the quality and efficiency of their measurements.

Features and Benefits

  • Define mechanical calibration standards from any vendor and use with all VNAs
  • Avoid common errors with a simplified calibration process empowered by an intuitive GUI and wizard
  • Validate VNA calibration using airlines and individually characterized verification kits
  • Understand measurement results better with advanced visualization and analysis tools
  • Identify and quantify the individual contributions of uncertainty
  • Display uncertainty boundaries alongside measurement results

Key Applications

  • VNA Calibration
  • VNA Calibration Validation
  • S-Parameters Measurements
  • S-Parameters Measurements with Uncertainty
  • Measurement Analysis



Configuration Guides

Data Sheet

Insight VNA Calibration and Measurement Software
Configuration Guides

Application Notes

Improving Calibration Accuracy and Speed with Characterized Calibration Standards

Application Notes

Characterizing Uncertainty in S-Parameter Measurements

Application Notes

Maury Application Notes Library

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MT940A Insight Calibration and Measurement

MT940B Insight Real Time Uncertainty Add-On